Read: Read Write Own

Note: this post was not sponsored, I just think it is a worthwhile read.

Read Write Own: Building the Next Era of the Internet

The internet has not lived up to its early promise. “Read, Write, Own” explains why, and charts a path to redemption.

In the early days, the web empowered users. Technologies like RSS let us control our digital lives. But those ideals faded as big tech tightened its grip. This book explores how we got here - and where we could go instead.

The root issue is ownership. Centralized platforms now treat us as the product, not the customer. Our data, identities, and digital assets are in their hands. But alternatives exist. Blockchain-based models can give power back to creators and users. This book dives into the technical possibilities to make this decentralized future real.

Ultimately, this book issues a call to arms. As developers, we can be either bystanders or builders of this next era. We have the skills to code protocols, apps, and platforms that live up to the web’s early ideals. We can right the course.

The message is simple: we should own our digital lives. Big tech stewardship has failed. This book lights the way so we developers can build a web that serves individuals first. We paved the wrong path before. Armed with insight and resolve, let’s build a better one now.

The internet promised empowerment. This book convinces us that promise is still within reach, if we have the courage to build it. As a developer disgusted with the status quo, I found that call compelling. I believe you will too.