Lie 2: Code Should Be Designed Around a Model of the World

“Solving problems you probably don’t have creates problems you definitely do.” – Mike Acton (2014 - CppCon) Truth: Code should be designed around the data, not some idealized model. World modeling is a common approach in programming that involves trying to solve problems by drawing analogies or telling stories, rather than using more concrete, engineering-based methods. While this approach may seem appealing at first, it often leads to problems that are harder to understand and maintain in the long run. [Read More]

Lie 1: Code Is More Important Than Data

“Everything is a data problem. including usability, maintenance, debug-ability, everything.” – Mike Acton (2014 - cppCon) Truth: Your main responsibility is to transform data, not designing code, solve the data transformation xproblem and nothing else. As a programmer,it is your main responsibility to transform data effectively and efficiently. This involves not only designing code, but also understanding the problem at hand and the context in which the data exists. Keep in mind that the purpose of all programs and their components is to transform data from one form to another, and that the code is simply a tool to achieve this goal. [Read More]